New Webpage

8 02 2011

For 2011 we will be Foxtrot Racing and we have a new web page:

The old Foxtrot-Echelon Page will be disabled soon


2010 is in the Books

8 02 2011

Foxtrot Racing finished up a very successful 2010 season earning 3rd place in the Cat 4 Best All-Round Team on the road, 3rd in the Cat 3 Colorado Cyclocross Cup Team Series, and with Brad Sims taking 1st in the Cat 3 Colorado Cyclocross Cup Individual Series.

We are training hard and looking forward to racing in 2011!











Colorado CX Championships

7 12 2010

Foxtrot-Echelon Racing showed up in force for the 2010 Colorado State Cyclocross Championship.  The team had four members racing SM4, three racing SM3, and one in 45+ Open.  Ryan Taylor, in only his 4th cyclocross race ever, placed 2nd in the SM4 category.  Brad Sims battled at the front of the SM3 race and crossed the line in 5th place.  Tim James, in preparation for racing at Nationals, placed 19th in 45+ Open race.

















2nd SM4: Ryan Taylor

5th SM3: Brad Sims

19th SM45+: Tim James

29th SM3: JD Whitney

34th SM3: Ciro Zarate

36th SM4: Jon Maule

39th SM4: Paul Shumate

49th SM4 35+: Jon Maule

Recess at the Res Report

11 11 2010

The course was at the Boulder Reservoir and was a bit different from the Colorado Cross last weekend.  It had lots of turns out in the bumpy grass field, nothing down past the guard station, a full length trip through the deep sand of the volleyball court, and a small death spiral.  Despite not being a Colorado Cross Cup the race had a good turn-out.

2nd SM3: Brad Sims

11th SM 45+: Tim James

21st SM3: JD Whitney

(photo from SixDegressToSlush by Jim Heuck)

Team Meeting, New Member Information

4 11 2010

Tuesday, November 9th, 7pm at Foxtrot Wheel and Edge

General Team Meeting to discuss 2011

New Member Info, Interested in joining the team? Come to the meeting!

-Kits (we will have a sizing samples)

-Sponsorship Info

-Team Camps

-Group Rides

-Shop announcment


Boulder CX #3, Louisville Rec Center

4 11 2010

Foxtrot-Echelon Racing had 6 members line up and take on the Louisville Rec Center “Bowl of Death.”  A second long run-up was added to make sure the course was extra painful.


8th SM3: Brad Sims

8th SM4: Dave Vogel

9th 45+: Tim James

34th SM3: JD Whitney

35th SM4: Jon Maule

52nd SM4: Paul Shumate

Dave Vogel’s Race Report:

“Sunday’s race was at the Louisville Rec Center and was also race #3 of
a 4 race series. I have raced this race before and did quite poorly in
the 4’s so I was bound and determined to do well and try for a top 10.
There were about 75 guys in the category for the 4’s. I registered
early which gave a sweet 3rd row starting position and I knew that
already there was a slight advantage in not having to pass riders,

The course was super bumpy and catered to MTB riders. Bike handling
skills would be a small factor today… At the start of the race I
went off and held position in about 7th or so and simply carried the
speed where and when needed while trying to not blow up. The run ups
in the 4’s are a real deciding factor and a great place to be
aggressive and pass…. so I did.

Overall the loopy course had some great run ups, some really bumpy
singletrack, and good power spots to open things up. Keep in mind the
rest of the pack was ALWAYS within striking distance and I just had to
be as tough as I could and hold on. The last lap or two were getting
tough on my lower back (no surprise) and starting to take its toll,
but I could also see the other guys starting to fatigue as well so I
knew that I had to keep rolling. After a beer feed from my buddy
Hutch, I was good for one final lap. Just kidding, he gave me the
option and I took water.

Towards the final lap 3 guys passed me in some power sections (the
long back stretch), I then passed them back in a techinal switchback/
run up with the last guy getting caught by me on a sweet little climb
right before the finish with a sprint finish to capture 8th place on
the day of 68 finishers.

Thanks to Kirk for being cool and yelling at me and the team!! That’s
such a good motivator. Good seeing Ciro, Brad, and JD out there
rocking the 3’s, and a special thanks to my teammates Paul and John
for racing out there.”

Aspen Lodge Cross

23 10 2010

The second race in the Colordo Cross Cup was held at the Aspen Lodge near Allenspark.  This new venue provide a stunning back drop and a challenging course.  The course included quite a few technical sections and required races to be on their toes the entire time.  The course received mixed reviews, seemed like a love it or hate it thing, but either way it is always good to have some variety in a series.

Foxtrot-Echelon Racing was represented by 6 members.

3rd SM3: Brad Sims

4th SM4: Ciro Zarate

15th 45+: Tim James

28th SM4: Jon Maule

32nd SM3: JD Whitney

DNF (front flat): Ray Caruso